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Weed Farm


Growing weed in your Weed Farm is a great way to expand your illegal activities. Your weed can be used for several things in the game:

  • Sell weed to your local customers at the Weed Farm
  • Sell at your Pawn Shop (100 000 Mafia Power)
  • Sell at your Nightclub (Meth Lab level 14)
  • Deliver weed at your Transport Company (level 100)
  • Can be used as additives for cigars in your Cigar Factory (Mafia Mansion level 14)
Lvl.CapacityPlantsUpgrade costUpgrade time
110 kg1
220 kg2250 0001 day
340 kg3500 0002 days
460 kg41 000 0003 days
580 kg52 000 0004 days
6100 kg64 000 0005 days
7150 kg78 000 0006 days
8200 kg816 000 0007 days
9500 kg1048 000 0008 days
101 000 kg1299 000 0009 days

Corrupt cops

The more cops you buy, the faster a new offer will arrive at your Weed Farm. Average formula: 86.400 seconds(day) / (amount of cops+1). 50 cops will get you an offer approximately each 30 minutes.

Upgrading your corrupt cops and your Weed Farm will get you higher valuable offers for your weed.

WeedHarvest timeHarvest amountPriceUnlock
Speed weed10 minutes0.5 kg1 000
Good weed30 minutes1 kg1 200
Slow weed8 hours4 kg2 500
Normal weed1 hour2 kg3 000Weed Farm level 2
Medium weed3 hours6 kg5 000Weed Farm level 4
Quality weed16 hours20 kg18 000Weed Farm level 5
Steady weed12 hours25 kg23 000Weed Farm level 7
Perfect weed6 hours40 kg49 000Weed Farm level 9

Extra information / researches

You are able to unlock the Weed Farm with 250 000 cash once you reached level 19. In the Research Lab you can increase your offer speed at Weed Farm by maximum 50% extra.

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