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Starting from level 44 you unlock a bunch of great features in the game:

Boss Mansion

The Mansion that is used to store your defeated bosses read more.


Bosses are being scheduled almost every 2/3 weeks in the game. For a correct schedule please check the Boss Mansion. Each boss actually contains 50 difficulty levels, of course each level the boss gets stronger and more difficult to defeat.

Every level you manage to defeat you will receive some nice rewards, which gets better the higher the difficulty. Rewards contain:

  • Cash
  • Diamonds
  • Ammunition
  • Health
  • Weapons

Each time you start a boss fight, you will get 1 minute to defeat the boss. Once your first attack starts you get 2 hours before the boss level fully regenerates health again. With a boss you receive also 2 goals:

  • Defeat the boss (35/40) times (reward: receive the boss in your Boss Mansion)
  • Family goal: Defeat the boss X times together with your family (your minimum contribution requires 25 times) (reward: receive the gun of the boss)

Watch out the boss also shoots back and ducks around often, so you are able to miss shooting him. It will require a lot of health and ammunition to defeat a boss.

Therefore it is important to keep upgrading your Hospital and Mafia power, more Mafia Power means more damage per hit (maximum damage 3,5 HP per hit). Same for damage received if the boss hits you.

Family bosses

Different to normal bosses, family bosses you have to beat together with your family, of course, they require Golden grenades to start a boss level (level 1 up to 10). Each level requires more golden grenades (5 up to 50), each level is also more difficult. Just like normal bosses, you will also receive rewards. When a family boss level is summoned, the whole family has 3 hours to defeat the level.

Family boss goals:

  • Defeat any level 30 times (reward: receive the boss in your Boss Mansion)
  • Defeat all 10 levels (reward: receive the gun of the boss)

The extra rewards in family bosses are the Research Points you can earn. Which brings us to the Research Lab.

Common boss weapons

This collection is worth 50 diamonds.

WeaponNameAttack powerDefence power
Maul Hammer9040
Bow & arrow120120
Light Flail16080
Light Mace130130
Short Sword140140
Light Pick150149

Uncommon boss weapons

This collection is worth 100 diamonds.

WeaponNameAttack powerDefence power
Heavy Flail160160
Heavy Mace160160
Dire Flail200200
Bastard sword300200
Ring sword300200
Gnome Hooked Hammer200300
Riot Shield0600
Tokkarov DD-22380360
URP .45400400
.345 Mag450500

Rare boss weapons

This collection is worth 150 diamonds.

WeaponNameAttack powerDefence power
Mini Uzi600400
.44 Sagnum600500
Gerrard P39600500
M99 Raffico800600
Sinkfield1 000600
Mousien Nevegant850850
MF5L1 000800
Fliker1 000800
Yariska6001 200
Lector 311 000950
GF481 000950

Epic boss weapons

This collection is worth 250 diamonds.

WeaponNameAttack powerDefence power
DT-881 0001 050
FLAS-141 1001 100
Housy 451 1001 100
M22 Garand1 2001 200
VB561 300900
FF-131 1501 150
M98B3 Carbine1 3501 000
SCAT-H1 2001 200
PP20001 2001 200
YAR1 0501 350
Model 18501 3001 300
FAM1 5001 200
M8A11 5001 300
PSSR-441 6001 200
SGG-461 4001 400
AF-471 5001 500
Clumber1 5001 500
Type 8871 6001 500
AFR1 6001 600
RAD1 8001 600
Tanger1 7001 700
Flarret .50cal1 8001 700
MX511 8001 900
F902 0001 800
Flompson1 9001 900
Type 992 0001 800
M1876 Dench Gun2 0001 800
TTSh-421 9501 950

Legendary boss weapons

This collection is worth 500 diamonds.

WeaponNameAttack powerDefence power
L99 LWS2 2002 200
M12A82 5002 000
ML42 4002 400
AUK HAR2 5002 500
M20112 5002 500
Double shotgun3 0002 000
Resistance3 0002 800
F40013 0003 000
M11403 5003 500
WF20013 5003 500
M13/M44 ECR4 0003 000
M9191 Crowning3 6003 600
TAO-214 0004 000
AG45 0004 000
Fringer5 0004 500
Danglin7 0002 500
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