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The search will face you up with equal possible opponents first, you will win an attack if you reached 50% damage in the 30 seconds count down. You can win XP, cash, meth! If you lose, you lose the used ammunition but you will keep the cash and meth stolen. The cost to start or skip an attack, depends on your level and the amount of attacks you did in the last 24 hours.

Search restrictions:

  • No players in same family
  • No shielded players
  • Players that are offline for more than 30 days
  • Players with health below 10 (health regens when offline except when upgrading)
  • Eligible players are between double / half your level
Stealable cash lootPercent
Mafia Mansion level >= 120%
Mafia Mansion level >= 318%
Mafia Mansion level >= 516%
Mafia Mansion level >= 914%
Mafia Mansion level >= 1312%
Mafia Mansion level >= 1710%

The stealable uncollected cash from money buildings is about 50%, while the stealable meth is only 40%. How much you steal, of course, depends on the % of damage you reach at the end of the fight.

Total stealable cash loot is limited with an average of 20 million per attack.

Save cash

You can also save a lot of your cash in your Bank or Swiss Bank, which are safe from attacks.

Free shield

You will receive a free 12-hours shield when a defence(attacked by other player) caused your health to drop below 50% of the your total hospital capacity.


It is possible to set up your defence, "backfire". This can make sure you win your defence, how much ammunition you use during a defence depends on your strategy.


Bots are available to attack and carry a lot of resources, the further you reach the harder it will be to beat them. Go get those 150 stars!

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