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Casino Robbery


You can rob this casino together with your family. Just like any big robbery, you first need to have a meeting with your family members. A successful robbery will require bombs to blowup the safe filled with money. You will also need weapons and ammunition to keep the cops away so you can flee with your transport.

Each player is responsible for its own donations and part of the success rate. It will not help if one player, for example, donates a lot of powerful equipment or all his ammunition while others do not cooperate.

Each player is responsible for up to 14–20% of the success rate, that is why it is very important to discuss the robbery and really organize it well. After a few robberies, you will know approximately how much input is required to have a decent success rate.

There are different difficulties in the robbery, which means that the success rate will go up faster if the robbery is easy.

Your family have only 3 hours to complete the robbery, which means that all 5 players have to donate and ready up before the timer in the top right corner reaches 0! If it reaches 0, the robbery will fail and players will lose their donations.

If the casino robbery is in waiting state you can put rank "noob" or kick the player that seems to be offline. That player will be removed from the robbery. This will not work if the robbery has already started!

Players will have to plan the robbery and provide the following things:
- Escape vehicles / transport (cars, boats, repos)
- Experience
- Ammunition
- Equipment
- Bombs

They can win:
- Cash
- Diamonds
- 10 new weapons + badge
- Research Points

Lvl.Prepare robberyUpgrade costUpgrade timeUnlock
116 hours
215 hours15 000 0001 day11 million power
314 hours20 000 0002 days13 million power
413 hours26 000 0003 days15 million power
512 hours32 000 0004 days17 million power
611 hours40 000 0005 days20 million power
711 hours48 000 0006 daysReach level 100
811 hours56 000 0007 days28 million power
910 hours68 000 0009 days32 million power
1010 hours78 000 00011 daysReach level 140
1110 hours89 000 00013 days42 million power
129 hours100 000 00015 days47 million power
139 hours115 000 00017 daysReach level 180
149 hours130 000 00020 days58 million power
158 hours150 000 00021 days64 million power
168 hours170 000 00024 daysReach level 210
178 hours200 000 00026 days80 million power
186 hours75028 days90 million power
196 hours250 000 00030 daysReach level 240
203 hours1 50032 days124 million power

Casino weapons

Every now and then you will receive a weapon. Receiving weapons of all kinds at least once you complete de collection "Collect all casino robbery Weapons", which is worth 400 diamonds.

WeaponNameAttack powerDefence power
Casino Weapon I3 0003 000
Casino Weapon II6 0003 000
Casino Weapon III6 0004 000
Casino Weapon IV8 0005 000
Casino Weapon V10 0007 000
Casino Weapon VI13 00011 000
Casino Weapon VII20 00010 000
Casino Weapon VIII28 00015 000
Casino Weapon IX40 00020 000
Casino Weapon X40 00034 000

Extra information

You are able to unlock the Casino with 10 000 000 cash once you reach 10 000 000 Mafia Power.

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