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Frequently asked questions

Golden grenades?
You will need golden grenades once you reach level 44, they are used to summon/open family bosses fights. Family bosses are a great way to receive Research Points that you will need to run researches at your Research Lab.
How to get golden grenades?
You can receive golden grenades on many places in the game: crimes, car robbery, Attack PVP, moneytransports, Family wars, challenges, Transport Company, ... Run some researches to increase the luck percentage of finding golden grenades!
I lost followers, why?
You will lose maximum 2 followers per day, and never more than 50% of your alltime record. So if you had for example 80 followers some day, you'll never drop below 40. Read more
A lot of my cars get stolen by other players?
You should not try to save your cars for too long, try to sell them often. "Yeah, but they can steal my cash if I sell them,..." Read more about "Cash loot" or "Save cash" in Attack PVP.
Where are my family bombs?
You can only use family bombs to donate in family wars, they will be showed in your equipment inventory. They can not be equipped on troops or bosses, you could view or sell them in the Pawn Shop.
My new power doesn't count in the tournament, if I unequip my weapons I still face higher power opponents?
The game saves your total maximum power ever, this way to prevent cheating with the system. Unequipping weapons to face lower mafia power opponents, won't work. Same counts for family tournaments and family wars.
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