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Excellent way to increase your Mafia power. Don't forget to return daily to the gym or you will lose the gained power little by litlle.

Lvl.SessionsUpgrade costUpgrade time
11 per day
22 per day100 0001 day
33 per day300 0002 days
44 per day650 0003 days
55 per day1 400 0004 days
66 per day3 200 0005 days
77 per day7 000 0006 days
88 per day10 500 0007 days
99 per day20 000 0008 days
1010 per day40 000 0009 days


Performing these exercises at least once is part of the collection "All exercises", which is worth 75 diamonds.

ExerciseAttack powerDefence powerDurationUnlock
Treadmill808020 minutes
Crosstrainer14014060 minutesGym level 3
Squats25025015 minutesGym level 5
Bench press350505 minutesGym level 7
Boxing40030030 minutesGym level 10

Extra information / researches

The gym is unlocked once your Mafia Mansion reaches level 10. In the Research Lab you can increase the power of your exercises by up to 50% extra.

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