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Mafia power


Next to your imperium progress, Mafia Power is an important status to work on. It shows off how evolved as a player you are, gaining power will help your victories in Attack PVP, Bosses, Family wars. You can gain power on different ways:

  • Mafia Mansion
  • Troops
  • Weapons
  • Boss Mansion
  • Bosses
  • Gym
  • Research Lab

Mafia Mansion

The Mafia Mansion contains 31 levels in total, each level you upgrade will gain you extra power, troop capacity and will unlock a lot of different troops, weapons and other possibilities. Read more


You can buy 14 different troops in the shop, each troop you can acquire 50 times. Everytime you buy a troop they will require more cash, but will gain you lots of extra power. Read more


Weapons can be equipped on troops, and they can make a huge difference. Each troop have their own specific stats, and combining the right troop with the right weapon can get you extra attack/defence power. You can buy weapons in the shop, recycle some in the Weapon Lab, receive some in the Weed Farm, Nightclub, Lottery Kiosk, as well as in boss fights, family challenges, transport company orders...

Boss Mansion

A Boss Mansion upgrade will also gain you extra power and bosses capacity. Bosses can also be equipped with weapons. Read more


You need to defeat bosses to receive them in your Boss Mansion. Each defeated boss will gain you extra power. Read more


Working out is always a way to gain extra muscles, and extra muscles means extra power! But, try not to gain weight, exercising daily is needed! Read more

Research Lab

You can run tons of researches in your Research Lab that will give you a lot of extra power. Read more

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