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Family tobacco farm


Your Family tobacco farm — here you will be able to grow tobacco together with your fellow family members. Watch out: after your plant is ready, you only have 1 hour to harvest it! You can help each other harvest plants before they dry up (helping fellow members is unlocked once you have Cigar Factory level 3).

Once the tobacco is harvested you will be able to generate and sell cigars in your Cigar Factory.

If a plant isn't harvested in time (not harvested within the 1 hour timeframe after it is ready), the leader, a co-leader or honorary will have to remove it by using family cash (or it will occupy a spot in the farm forever).

Lvl.CapacityUpgrade costUpgrade time
15 plants3 000 0003 days
210 plants9 000 0004 days
315 plants22 500 0005 days
420 plants90 250 0007 days
525 plants250 000 0009 days
630 plants550 000 00011 days
735 plants1 000 000 00012 days
845 plants2 000 000 00014 days
955 plants3 000 000 00015 days
1070 plants4 000 000 00017 days
TobaccoHarvest timeHarvest amountPriceUnlock
Aromatic tobacco5 hours1 kg20 000Cigar Factory level 1
Habano tobacco4 hours1 kg25 000Cigar Factory level 2
Oriental tobacco3 hours1 kg30 000Cigar Factory level 4
Havana tobacco2 hours1 kg35 000Cigar Factory level 7
Cohiba tobacco1 hour1 kg40 000Cigar Factory level 10

Extra information

You are able to unlock the Family tobacco farm with 3 000 000 cash once your Family Home reaches level 10.

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