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Family wars


The family war search is restricted based on the total mafia power of families. Searching for a war can take a while, since you can only war with other families that are searching on the same moment. And in favour are as close and equal to your family as possible.

Sometimes it will turn out some hard/difficult matches, it's up to you to decide to "dump" the war. So you won't lose a lot of recources if you think you can not win the war. Don't let the difference in total mafia power scare you, check "War" for more information.


A family war is prepared in 3 phases (24 hours time span):

  • Leader only: the leader can determine the strategy that is put on the war. This can make a huge difference in the end war result. Of course a lot depends on the strategy of your enemy
  • Signup phase: all players signed up will be count for the final war result as "power of the family"
  • Ammunition donation phase: all participating players can donate an amount of ammunition they want
  • Equipment donation phase: all participating players can donate the equipment they want


The 6 hour war exists out of 3 waves of 2 hours. Each wave result is based on following aspects:

  • Leader strategy: a leader chooses how much % of donated ammunition and equipment they use in each wave
  • Power of all participating players
  • Ammunition donations
  • Equipment donations
  • Boosts

Boosting in war doesn't have a instant visible effect, though it will help your family throughout the wave. Therefore it is better to start boosting early on in each wave, to get the maximum effect out of it.

Even if a family is 3 or 4 x as strong in total mafia power than your family it is still possible to win. With the right motivation, donations and participation!

Loot + cartels

The total family cash loot is based on the donations of both families. Player cash loot will depend on their contribution in the war. Of course if you lose the war your total family reward will be a lot less than the winning family.

If there is is a huge difference in contribution/power between both families you will lose/win less cartels.

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