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Lottery Kiosk


Everybody likes to gamble their chances to win a lottery right? This building is your favorite toy!

LevelCapacityUpgrade costUpgrade timeUnlock
220250 0001 day
330500 0002 days500 000 Mafia Power
4401 000 0003 days
5502 000 0004 days
6604 000 0005 days
7808 000 0006 days20 000 000 lottery winnings
810016 000 0007 days
925048 000 0008 days
1050099 000 0009 days100 000 000 lottery winnings


Would it not be lovely to win millions of cash without any effort? Or win one of the lovely golden F16's at the weapon lottery? Buying tickets at least one time for each lottery is part of the "Play all lotteries" collection which is part 100 diamonds.

LotteryTicket priceDraw intervalRequirement
Weekly lottery5 0001 week
Daily lottery10 0001 dayLottery Kiosk level 3
Weapon lottery25 0002 daysLottery Kiosk level 5
Speed lottery10 0002 hoursLottery Kiosk level 7
Diamond lottery101 weekLottery Kiosk level 9

Scratch Cards

You like to scratch? Make chance to win weapons, meth, followers, diamonds, cash or ammunition! Scratching all cards at least one time is part of the "Scratch all cards" collection which is worth 100 diamonds.

Scratch cardTicket priceRequirement
Lucky Coin5 000Lottery Kiosk level 2
Prize Chaos25 000Lottery Kiosk level 4
Explosion25Lottery Kiosk level 6
Golden Club100 000Lottery Kiosk level 8
Dirty Diamond50Lottery Kiosk level 10

Extra information

Win "no prize" at the Wheel of Fortune to unlock this building.